Importing from Living Cookbook

How do I import my recipes from Living Cookbook?

You can import your recipes and their photos and any categories assigned to those recipes. Nothing else can transfer. You have two options. You can either (1) use tools provided by others to convert your files or (2) you can purchase a 2nd Level Support Ticket if you would like MasterCook to convert your recipes for you.

At the end of this article are links explaining features in MasterCook which will help in your transition from Living Cookbook.


You can use Living Cookbook Rescue.

Get Living Cookbook Rescue here.


If you would like MasterCook Support to convert your cookbook into MasterCook format, you only need to do two things:

  1. Purchase a 2nd Level Customer Service Ticket: here.
  2. Send an email to and let us know you purchased the 2nd Level Support Ticket.

We will then give you instructions on how to send the .lcb file to us, so we can convert your recipes and photos.

We will convert your recipes and their photos or refund the purchase of the 2nd Level Support ticket.


  • You can easily transfer categories from one cookbook and to another in MasterCook.
  • You can easily assign categories to groups of recipes.
  • You can filter recipes in a cookbook to only show you recipes by your "tags" (aka categories) and temporarily hide other recipes in a cookbook. They are still in the cookbook; they are just filtered from the screen until you remove the filter or restart the program.
  • MasterCook allows you to have an unlimited number of cookbooks. Many customers have a multitude of cookbooks based on food group (dessert or dinner cookbook) and those based on cuisine or source (author, etc.). MasterCook allows you to specify what categories (aka chapters, tags, etc.) are in a cookbook so you don't have a bunch of unnecessary categories cluttering a cookbook. For example, many people don't want beef, chicken, shrimp categories in their dessert cookbook.

Articles to help with Your Transition to MasterCook


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