Assigning Categories to Multiple Recipes from Search

I want to setup a new category (in this case "FISH: Oysters"). I go to Search and search on Keyword "Oysters" The search displays 55 recipes with the word "Oysters"I have created a new Category called "Fish: Oysters" Is there a way to assign that category to all 55 recipes in one stroke or do i have to open each recipe and assign it to a new category?

After performing a search on Oysters use the command from the File menu called Save Search Criteria As. Name it Oysters. Then go to the Cookbooks screen. Open up one of your cookbooks. Along the left of the screen are several drop-down menus. Pick the one for FILTER RECIPES BY: Predefined Search. Select Oysters from that menu. Now you are looking at only the Oysters in that cookbook. Select these recipe titles. Press the CATEGORIZE button along the left of the screen. Now you can assign them all the same category. In the very lower left pick a different cookbook. Do the same with its recipes.


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