Creating a Cookbook to Use as a Template

Creating a template cookbook is a great way to ensure that your preferred settings and the categories, cuisines, and ratings you use most often are within each new cookbook you create.

1. Create a new cookbook by selecting New Cookbook from the File menu. Name it My Template or whatever you prefer.

2. Add your preferred categories, ratings, and cuisines by using the Modify > Categories command from the Tools menu. Type your categories, cuisines, and ratings in this window.

3. Set your preferred font colors and sizes, etc. by selecting Customize Cookbook from the Tools menu. This affects the font attributes of the Recipe Display view.

4. Do not add any recipes to your template cookbook.

When you want to create a new cookbook, go to the Cookbooks screen and simply highlight the template cookbook and select Save Cookbook As from the File menu. This creates a new cookbook based on a copy of your template cookbook.

Furthermore, you can add categories to this cookbook from another cookbook of yours. To do that open your other cookbook. Create a new recipe in this cookbook called Template Recipe or whatever you prefer. Assign every category in the book to this recipe. Copy this recipe. Paste it into your Template Cookbook, and the categories will come along with the recipe. Then delete the recipe you copied. Be sure to select NO when prompted to delete the empty categories since you want them to remain in the cookbook. The categories will remain assigned to your template cookbook.

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