Things to Know Before You Install MasterCook 2020

There are few things you will want to know:
1. You should have a recent backup copy of your files for the existing version of MasterCook you are using. See these instructions: DEFINITELY DO THIS BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL VERSION 2020.
2. Restart your computer before you install it. MasterCook 2020 will FAIL to install if My MasterCook Manager version 15 is running in the background on your computer. The version 2020 installer is not able to force it to shut down. However, you can simply restart your computer. Do NOT use MasterCook 15. Then install version 2020. It will replace version 15 with its own version. (It can't do that if version 15 is running in the background of the computer.) 
3. This article explains how to transfer your files from a previous version:
4. If you have ingredient rows linked to MasterCook 15’s database, those links will remain. They are easy to spot in the recipe edit screen because they are the ones with red circles. MasterCook will never alter your recipes. So, if you have purposely linked an ingredient row in a recipe to MasterCook 15’s database and you want to change it, you can right-click on that ingredient row and select Reset Ingredient Nutrition. This removes the link and allows MasterCook 2020 to use the ingredient by that name in its database file.
See this article for a list of ingredients included in MasterCook 2020.
5. MasterCook 2020 does not pre-install the cookbooks. Many people do not want them or use them. However, MasterCook 2020 can certainly use all of the cookbooks from any previous version. We also have free cookbooks available at See What To Fix For Dinner. We will be adding more free cookbooks to We will even work on adding the cookbooks that have been included in older versions of MasterCook for those that don't have the older versions.
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