Finding the Correct Ingredient Name

Sometimes it's hard to think of the way an ingredient we're looking for might be worded. For example, "minced fresh ginger" is not in the Ingredient List, but "fresh minced ginger" is. "Shredded sweetened coconut" is not in the Ingredient List, but "sweetened coconut flakes" is. So how do we find every way "ginger" or "coconut" might be listed?

The attached text file below lists of all the ingredient names as they appear in the Ingredient List (but note that the plural form of the name is not listed here). You can open it in a word processor like Word and use Word's Find feature to locate all the ways your ingredient might be phrased. Then check out likely possibilities in MC's Ingredient List to see which is the one you're looking for (raw, ground, fresh, canned, etc.)

Click the attached TXT file below.


You can import it into Excel and use its functionality to sort the list by certain words.

1. Open the MCIngTxt.txt file with Excel.

2. At this point a wizard starts up asking how you want to import the data.
So choose:
a. Delimited.
b. Tab delimiters.
c. Column Data Format: GENERAL.
d. Finish.

3. Insert a new row at the top. In the first cell of that new row type in the word INGREDIENTS.

4. Select/highlight the first cell that you just created labeled INGREDIENTS.

4. Select the Data menu and choose Filter > Auto Filter. At this point a drop-list gets added to the INGREDIENTS cell that you created.

Now you can choose from the drop-down list to pick an ingredient.

Or, from that drop-down list choose (Custom...). In the Custom AutoFilter window that appears select SHOW ROWS WHERE INGREDIENTS CONTAINS and in the box to the right of CONTAINS type in a text sting, such as "beef". Now it will only list all the lines that have the word "beef" in there, while not showing you any other ingredients.

You can return to it showing you all ingredients by choosing (All) in the drop-down list.

I then saved this file with a different name, preserving the original MCIngTxt.txt file.

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