Sharing Recipes with Other People

How do I share my recipes with other people who do not have MasterCook?

To share your recipes with someone who does not have MasterCook, you can create a text file or a PDF file. See these articles:


Exporting Recipes to a Text File – MasterCook Community


Creating a PDF File – MasterCook Community


If they have a Windows computer, you can tell them how to get MasterCook 14 for free here:


FREE 8,000 Recipes + MC 14 Recipe Win App (


Then you can create an mz2 file and send that to them. See these instructions:


Exporting Recipes in the MZ2 Format – MasterCook Community


If they have MasterCook 14 or greater installed on their computer, all they have to do is just open the .mz2 file that you send to them.

This app can convert .mz2 files:
MasterCook To Word - Microsoft Apps


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