Direction Photos Don't Show, Instead it Shows <$obj$>1

Instead of direction (or tips) photos I see <$obj$>1, <$obj$>2, etc. How do I fix this?

There are several different things that corrected this problem for others.

  • If the MCOleControls.ocx file becomes unregistered, such as when uninstalling an older version of MasterCook, it can cause this problem. You can register that MCOleControls.ocx file by following these instructions.
  • I would restart the computer and see if that corrects this problem. It has for others.
  • Another thing that has corrected this problem is closing MasterCook. Right click on its shortcut and select Run as Admin. Then close the program and restart it normally. That too has corrected this problem.
  • Another person solved this problem by reinstalling MasterCook.
  • Another person solved this problem by running the Windows System File Checker which corrected some corrupt Windows System files they had on the computer which also solved this problem. This person previously tried reinstalling MasterCook, but that didn’t cure this problem. The Windows System File Checker did though. MasterCook uses many of the Windows system files, such as DLLs, so if one of those is corrupt, it will cause this problem until the Windows System File Checker fixes its files.
  • Another person said their computer had been acting odd for a few days, so they restored to a few days prior and reinstalled MasterCook, and that fixed this problem for them.
  • Another thing to keep in mind: a program on your computer could be preventing MasterCook from fully functioning. See this article: MasterCook and My MasterCook Manager are not working properly

Hopefully just restarting the computer does it. 

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