Program Shuts Down when Refreshing

When I refresh MasterCook it shuts the program down.

All versions of MasterCook do this when you have a corrupt cookbook.

Startup MasterCook. Go to the Search screen. Search for the word apple or something in all cookbooks. It usually cannot search through a corrupt cookbook, so this is the quickest and easiest method to find the culprit.

If you get an error during the search, do not close it. Drag it off to the side a bit to reveal the name of the cookbook it is currently searching through. That cookbook is corrupt.

Go ahead and close MasterCook.

Use Windows to remove that cookbook’s files from the collection folder on the computer.

Then startup MasterCook and refresh again.

Repeat if it has a problem until you have gotten rid of any other corrupt cookbooks.

If you have backup files that are not corrupt, you should use them instead. Otherwise, see this article: Corrupt Cookbook Files.

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