Corrupt Cookbook Files

I have a cookbook that will not work properly. Is there a way I can recover the recipes from it?

This happens when your computer corrupts your cookbook file.

If you have backup copies of your cookbook files, you can simply replace the corrupt cookbook files with the backup copies. It's extremely important you backup your files on a regular basis. It very quick and easy. See these instructions. Your cookbook files are the .mc2 and .mcx files that are normally within the My Collection folder on your computer if you used the default installation option.

Otherwise, if you do not have backup copies of your cookbook files, you can try to recover the recipes yourself or pay MasterCook to do it for you. It's your choice. Success is entirely dependent on how badly damaged the file is.

Normally Windows will cause a file to become corrupt if you leave a file in use when the computer either loses powers or restarts on its own. This is why it's very important you do not leave programs running on your computer when you walk away. Windows will not close them properly if it crashes or restarts on its own. It can corrupt any file that's actively in use at the time.

Another common way files become corrupt is when your hard drive is failing. The files in those sectors are not accessible and can't work properly.



If you have the MC2 and MCX files, you could try to use CB2CB to see if it can recover recipes and their photos. Get CB2CB here:

Recipe Tools - Browse /cb2cb at

Download and Install CB2CB:

  1. Download the latest version of the CB2CB program.
  2. Create a new folder on your computer. Extract the files from CB2CB into this new folder.
  3. Run the .exe file to use CB2CB.

Run CB2CB:

  1. Set MC2 as the Input Format and browse to your .mc2 file.
  2. Set MZ2 as the Output format.
  3. Press the Finish button.

It will create an .mz2 file at the same location as your .mc2 file. Use Windows to double click on the .mz2 file. It will open in MasterCook and prompt you to create a new cookbook. Create a new cookbook and import the recipes into MasterCook.

If you need help using cb2cb, you need to join their forum. Use the Forum link along the left side of their web page.


If you want us to recover recipes from your corrupt cookbook file, you can purchase a Corrupt Cookbook Recovery Service ticket. After you purchased that ticket, send us an email and let us know your order number. We will give you instructions for sending your corrupt cookbook files to us.

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