MasterCook Mobile Apps Overview

MasterCook has an app for Android phones and tablets and iPads and iPhones. Look for them in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

When you first launch it, you will be asked to sign into your account. If you don't have one yet, you can create one. It accesses your online data. Then you will be taken to the Home screen.

You will notice the Online/Offline icon in the upper right. This lets you know when the app is connected to your account.



Here you can access the different areas of the program. The menu in the upper left is a navigation bar as you use the app.

You can edit your online categories and cuisines from the Settings screen.

The My Account screen shows you details about your account such as your subscription end date and how many recipes you are storing and your limit. Please note that when you share recipes with others in group cookbooks their recipes do NOT factor into your count. Likewise, if you share a group cookbook with someone who uses a free account, your recipes are not included in their count.

To add recipes to the app you can type them in or you can use the web importer to import them into your account and then view them from the app. See Using the Web Importer. If you have MasterCook 15 you can sync your recipes to your account too. For more information see MasterCook 15 Synchronization. Or you can import from the app, see Mobile App Web Import.

The My Cookbooks screen allows you to do things with your cookbooks in the app. For more information see MasterCook Mobile Apps Cookbooks.

The My Recipes screen allows you to view all of your recipes in your account regardless of which cookbook they are in. For more information see MasterCook Mobile Apps My Recipes.

The My Shopping Lists screen allows you to create your own shopping lists and view and edit them. For more information see MasterCook Mobile Apps Shopping Lists.

To learn more about editing recipes from the mobile apps see MasterCook Mobile Apps Recipe View.

See this article on using the search functionality: Mobile App Search.

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