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How do I download my cookbook or recipes from to MasterCook 14 on my computer?

 If you are using version 15, you should never download. Use the Sync screen in the My MasterCook Manager program on the computer instead. Otherwise, you will corrupt your cookbook.

The default cookbook with the recipes you imported from the web will be in a cookbook called My Web Imports when you are on the page My Cookbooks.

Click on the Download link next to your cookbook. This downloads an .mz2 file to your computer. Open that MZ2 file with MasterCook 14 to import it into a cookbook.

Otherwise, to import selected recipes follow these instructions:

  1. Click on that cookbook
  2. After the page has loaded you can click on the list icon (second icon) next to VIEW: in the top right. This should switch the view mode to a list view.
  3. You can either click on each checkbox to the right of each recipe or select the top checkbox to select all recipes. Then click the download button.
  4. This will download the recipes to the default download location on your computer. (Name should include [RecipeExport.mz2]
  5. Once you located this cookbook double-click the downloaded file and MasterCook will open so you can import it.

Another option is to use the Download button located within the web import window as shown in this screenshot:


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