Trouble Syncing File(s) & Best Practices

I'm trying to sync a file. It won't sync. The Sync Log tab says Sync Started. Sync Completed., yet nothing has synced. It also shows Pending in the Status column of the Sync screen.

First, make a current backup of your files either using the Backup screen in My MasterCook Manager or by using Windows. Both methods are explained in this article: MasterCook 15 Backup

This video demonstrates how syncing operates: Creating a New Recipe in MasterCook 15 and Syncing to Online

Syncing is bidirectional, so when you add/edit/delete a recipe at one location (online vs. the computer), it will do the same to the other location.

ATTENTION (Things that prevent recipes from syncing.):

  • A cookbook can't sync if you have it opened and are viewing it inside the program. Therefore, go to the main cookbooks screen, so the cookbook is no longer in use. Or, close the MasterCook 15 program. It does not need to be running while you are using the My MasterCook Manager program to sync.
  • A cookbook cannot sync if you have duplicates of that cookbook in your online cookbooks screen which you can review here: Online Cookbooks. If you have duplicate online cookbooks, immediately sign out of your account in My MasterCook Manager on the computer and follow these instructions: Duplicate Online Cookbooks
  • Recipes can't sync if you have duplicate recipes within an online cookbook. Open your online cookbook and scan through the title to make sure you don't have duplicate recipes inside of an online cookbook. In MasterCook on the computer you are not able to have duplicate recipes within a cookbook, so that's why they can't sync.
  • If you open a cookbook file from Windows, such as one in a backup location, that temporarily opens that cookbook file in MasterCook. If you already have a cookbook by that name in the program, you will have created a duplicate ghost at this point since the program is already using a cookbook by that name. That will cause an issue for sync. If you must do this, first sign out of your online account in My MasterCook Manager. After you are done temporarily viewing a cookbook file in this manner, go to the Cookbooks screen in MasterCook on the computer and select Refresh File List from the Tools menu. This causes MasterCook to forget about the file you temporarily opened. Then you can sign back into My MasterCook Manager.

Otherwise, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the My Account screen in My MasterCook Manager on the computer and sign out of your online account for now.
  2. While you are signed out, go to the Cookbooks screen in MasterCook and select Refresh File List from the Tools menu. (It's important to refresh while you are signed out. It resets the sync files on the computer.) 
  3. Either stay on the main Cookbooks screen or close the main MasterCook program, and return to the My MasterCook Manager screen and sign in and try to sync your file again.

Sometimes it helps to refresh after you have signed out.


If you still have a problem, please close MasterCook. Send us your file that's having the issue, so we can see if we have the same problem syncing that particular file. It could be something within the file is causing a problem. Your files are either within the collection folder on your computer or the MC Tools folder. Go to the Backup tab in My MasterCook Manager, which will show the locations of the files you are currently using in MasterCook.


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