Incorrect Nutritional Analysis

Why is my recipe not giving an accurate Nutritional Analysis?


Open your recipe in the Recipe Edit screen and click on the Nutrition tab. Notice it tells you why you are not getting an accurate nutritional analysis. It lists several warnings that you need to further investigate.



Furthermore, you are able to check the nutritional analysis for each ingredient row to see which one is causing a problem. For example, highlight the miniature chocolate chips row. Then select Ingredient Analysis from the Ingredient menu.



Notice this ingredient is 4,126 calories. This is the biggest problem. That's way off!


Notice the Nutrition tab warns you there is something wrong with this ingredient. It states: miniature chocolate chips: MasterCook assumes an average 'whole' size of this ingredient.

This error message means that the amount (you just state 5) is being calculated. Open up miniature chocolate chips in the Ingredient List by selecting Ingredient List from the Tools menu.



Your recipe is calling for 5 chips. However, MasterCook only knows the weight or volume measures of miniature chocolate chips. Therefore you need to use a weight (1/2 oz.) or volume (1/16 cup) measure in the recipe instead of just 5, so it can calculate it correctly. Otherwise, in the Serving Size fields of the Ingredient List you can specify how many miniature chocolate chips are in 173 grams/1 cup. Then your 5 miniature chocolate chips ingredient row will be accurate. You'd have to measure them out and count them. (Or, weigh those 5 mini chocolate chips and then use math to figure out the equivalent of 173 grams.) Then put that number in the Serving Size, such as 89 chips or whatever it happens to be.

Take a look at APPLE in the Ingredient List.



Notice if you were to type in 5 apples in a recipe, you will get an accurate NA because MasterCook knows apple by all three measures (each, weight, and volume).

Your miniature chocolate chips is missing its each measure. You can add that to the Ingredient List and Save. Then your nutritional analysis should be accurate.


Note: The average whole size warning is just telling you since you are not using an exact measure such as 1 cup or 1 ounce, it is using the each measure instead. If you and I both have an apple they are not likely to weigh the same. This warning is telling you that it's using an average size. Your apple might not weigh exactly 150 grams. It's letting you know that.


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