Recipes or Cookbooks Disappear from MasterCook 9 (or earlier)

My recipes disappeared from my cookbook. My cookbooks disappeared from MasterCook 9 (or earlier).

That is because Windows Vista and greater do not allow MasterCook 9 or lower to work properly on your computer. Windows has moved the real cookbook with the missing recipes to a hidden location on your computer. So, the first thing you have to do is find those missing files in the hidden location on your computer. Follow these instructions for Windows Vista:

to have Windows show you hidden files and folders on the computer and also have it show file extensions. Follow steps 5-7 in that article.

If you are using Windows 7 see these instructions:

Follow steps 7-10.

To show hidden files and folders in Windows 8 or 10 see this article: Show Hidden Files/Folders in Windows 8

Windows moved the edited cookbook file to a hidden location on your computer here:


Keep MasterCook closed. Use Windows to open the C drive. Open the Users folder. Open your log on name folder. Open the AppData folder. (This is hidden by default until you tell Windows to show you hidden files and folders on the computer.) Open the Local folder. Open the VirtualStore folder. (This folder should be blank. Anything in here is because Windows moved it from its original location to here.) Open the Program Files folder or the Program Files (x86) folder. Open the MasterCook folder. What do you find in these folders? Your files are in here somewhere. Copy them to another disk or drive to back them up ASAP.

The current version of MasterCook is designed for Windows 8, 10, and 11. Therefore, it does not have these problems. The current version of MasterCook can use your files from the older versions as explained in this article: Adding Cookbook Files to MasterCook 22 – MasterCook Community

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