Adding Cookbook Files to MasterCook 22

MasterCook 4 or Older

If you want to add your recipes (cookbook files) from MasterCook 4 or older, just open the .mcf file. MasterCook 22 will automatically add it and convert it into its own cookbook format.

MasterCook 5 or Newer

If you just want to add your recipes (cookbook files) from MasterCook 5 or newer, you can simply copy them into the My Collection folder for MasterCook 22 and then refresh MasterCook 22.

All versions of MasterCook 5 and Greater expect those cookbook files to be within its own My Collection folder on your computer. If you installed MasterCook 22 onto your computer at the default installation location, you would find that My Collection folder on your computer at this location:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\MasterCook 22\My Collection

Follow the numbered steps below to add your cookbook files to MasterCook 22.

  1. Open the C drive on your computer.
  2. Open the Users folder.
  3. Open the Public folder.
  4. Open the Documents folder. (TIP: Or, use Windows to search for the Public Documents folder.)
  5. Open the MasterCook 22 folder.
  6. Open the My Collection folder.
  7. Place a copy of your .mc2 and .mcx cookbook files into this My Collection folder.
  8. Then start up MasterCook 22 on your computer and go to the Cookbooks screen.
  9. Select Refresh File List from the Tools menu.

This will make your cookbooks appear in the program. If you have menus or meal plan files, those are the .mnu and .pln files. They can also be copied into the My Collection folder and refresh MasterCook as explained above.



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