Emailing Recipes from MasterCook for Windows

Setting up e-mail to send recipes

TIMESAVING TIP: The quickest and easiest way to email a recipe to someone is to copy/paste the recipe right into the body of an email message. Open a recipe in MasterCook. Select Copy Recipe from the Edit menu. Right click in the body of an email message and paste it in. Quick and Simple and best of all -- NO FUSS!!

Otherwise, open a cookbook or recipe. Select Export and Mail from the File menu. In the Export and Mail window that appears click on the Mail tab at the very top and then click on the SETUP button in the upper right corner.


When setting up email there are two options to choose from: (1) Use Simple MAPI Client or (2) Use Internet Mail Server.

  1. Simple MAPI passes the recipe(s) off to your email program which sends it from there. This works great with email programs like Outlook. MasterCook simply passes the recipe off to Outlook. Outlook determines how/when to send it.
  2. The Internet Mail Server bypasses email programs allowing MasterCook to directly send the recipe(s) through your email provider's server using your email log in credentials (your email address and email password). This is especially useful for web e-mail services like Google's Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.

Please note that option 1 above will not work with a 64-bit version of Outlook.

Please note that option 2 above requires your email server to allow outside programs like MasterCook to email through them. For a variety of security reasons (to prevent spam, email spoofing, etc.), many email servers no longer allow outside programs to use their email server to send emails. Therefore, it's quite possible the email server will completely block MasterCook.


An acronym for Messaging Application Programming Interface, MAPI is a language that different e-mail programs use to communicate with each other. MasterCook can use this language to send and receive recipes via e-mail if your e-mail program supports MAPI.

Any email program that supports simple MAPI can be used with MasterCook. To confirm that your email program supports simple MAPI:

  1. Click on START, point to Settings and then click on Control Panel.
  2. Double-click on the Internet or Internet Options icon.
  3. Click the Programs tab.
  4. Click on the down arrow next to E-MAIL and select your email program.
  5. If your program is not listed, contact your ISP, consult the manual for your email program or contact the manufacturer of the email program to determine if it is MAPI compliant.

Some examples of e-mail programs that support Simple MAPI include:

  • Outlook
  • Outlook Express.
  • Thunderbird

To use MAPI you may need to configure your e-mail program to support it. Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) provider and/or the developers of your email program.

If your e-mail program supports MAPI select the Use Simple MAPI Client option. You can use the Inbox and Outbox of your e-mail program to send and receive messages.

Check the Disable MAPI Client Interface in Mail Setup to send the email without viewing it first.


SMTP (Internet Mail Server)

If your e-mail program does not support MAPI, or you use a web based service (like Gmail), select the "Use Internet Mail Server" option. MasterCook can log into your email account using your email address and email password and send recipes on your behalf. Type your name, e-mail address and Email Server's Name (SMTP). This is the name of the server which your e-mail program sends outgoing messages to. This is called an SMTP server. You can get the name of this server from your e-mail service provider, or even find it with a simple Google search.

Gmail is

Yahoo is

Many services will require you to "authenticate" in order to send e-mail over SMTP. This means that you need to provide your e-mail password along with your e-mail address. To do this, you need the "SSL" option checked. Checking the "SSL" option will enable the password text box.

NOTE: Be careful not to use the server your e-mail program uses for outgoing mail. These are usually POP servers with names that include POP.


Here is a sample of how it should look if you are using Gmail. Notice you need to use your Gmail email address and your Gmail password.




You can always copy the recipe in MasterCook and paste it into the body of an email message. This works regardless of the options mentioned above.

The above options produce a text only version of the recipe. If you wish to send recipes including photos to another MasterCook user, you should close MasterCook and use Windows to attach the cookbook files (*.mc2 & *.mcx) to an email message instead.


If you get an error message from Gmail or Yahoo stating bad login or password, it is likely Gmail or Yahoo blocked it. 

Google can block MasterCook. I tried to email from MasterCook. I received an email from Google stating it blocked it. It also gave me this link with instructions to fix it:

See this too:

Apparently Google considers MasterCook a "less secure" app, so you have to tell it to allow MasterCook to email from it. Go to the above web page and change the setting to TURN ON.

Then, in addition you will also likely need to do this:

Yahoo will likely send you an email telling you a program tired to use your account. You will need to allow MasterCook to use your Yahoo account.


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