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Is there a printed manual for MasterCook?

There isn't a printed manual provided. However, other users have created their own. Select Help Contents from the Help menu in MasterCook. You can print those articles out to create your own manual. Otherwise, if you take the Help file to Office Depot or Office Max, etc. they might be able to print it out for you.

Another option is to download the free Calibre program or some other free program on the internet that will convert Help files into PDF. Calibre can open the MasterCook Help file and convert it to a PDF file which you could print. The MasterCook Help file is the MASTERCOOK.chm file within this folder on your computer:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MasterCook 14\Program

Open the C drive on your computer. Then open the Program Files (x86) or Program Files folder. Then open the MasterCook 14 folder. Then open the Program folder. The MASTERCOOK.chm file is inside this folder. In Calibre use the Add Book command in the upper left corner to add the .chm file to Calibre. Then use the Convert Book command to convert it into a PDF file.

Otherwise, many just use the Help Contents from the Help menu in the program since you can search or browse by program section. Furthermore, the Help is context sensitive and will show you help for the section of the program you are using at the time. For example, select Meals from the top of the screen in MasterCook. Then press the F1 key at the top of your keyboard on your computer. MasterCook's Help regarding the meals part of the program appears. If for some reason the Help Contents doesn't appear when you select it from the Help menu, just restart MasterCook, and then it should work.

Attached is a PDF file of the program's Help.

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