Calculating Costs of Recipes and Menus

Is it possible for MasterCook to calculate the costs of my recipes and menus and meal plans?

Yes, it is! You input the cost of your ingredients into the Ingredient List. Then as you use these ingredients in your recipes and menus you can have the program calculate the cost.

See this video for an example.

The first step is to input your costs. Start up MasterCook and go to the Cookbook screen. Select Ingredient List from the Tools menu. When the Ingredient List window appears select the More Info tab. At the bottom of this tab you input the cost. Make sure when you input costs you use the unit of measure that will be called for in your recipes and menus. For example, if your recipes and menus call for butter by the volume (tablespoon, cup, etc.) make sure you input the cost per volume (cup, tablespoon, etc.) However, if you will be using a weight measure in your recipes and menus instead, such as 12 ounces flour, make sure you input costs based on a weight measure (grams, ounces, etc.) However, if there is both a weight and volume measure listed for the ingredient the program can use that to calculate the cost.

Once you have costs inputted for your ingredients create a recipe or a menu. Add one of those ingredients to your recipe or menu and use the Cost Analysis command from the Tools menu.

The changes you make to the Ingredient List within MasterCook 14 are stored within the MC file at this location on your computer:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\MasterCook 14\MC Tools

Therefore, keep that MC file backed up on a regular basis. Copy it to another disk or drive using Windows when MasterCook is NOT running. You can transfer that file to another computer if you get a new computer and install MasterCook later. Or, you can share it with friends, etc. who also use MasterCook.

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