Error: Window's Resources are dangerously low!

When trying to view a recipe in MasterCook I get an error message that appears that says the Window's resources are dangerous low!

If you are using System Mechanic, it prevents MasterCook from fully working. Please contact System Mechanic for instructions on how to get it to allow MasterCook to fully function.

In addition, customers report that System Mechanic blocks them from installing the VLC player that comes with MasterCook. Report that to System Mechanic as well since their program is not allowing you to install or use programs on your computer.

Otherwise, make sure you uninstall all products as explained in this article:

Restart your computer after you have uninstalled all of their products. Do not skip this step.

Then reinstall MasterCook and test the fresh installation before you add your user files. See this article:

MasterCook 22 Reinstallation

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