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How do I reset my account at, so there are no recipes and sync doesn't delete them from MasterCook on my computer?

You have to do this carefully because normally when you delete a cookbook from one location, sync is supposed to do the same at the other location. Follow these steps:

1. Go to the My Account tab in My MasterCook Manager on the computer and press the Logout button. (It's important to be logged out of your online account while performing the following steps.)

2. Go to your online cookbooks web page here: and press the Delete link next to each one of your online cookbooks to delete them and all of their recipes.

3. Go to the Cookbooks screen in MasterCook 15 on the computer and select Refresh File List from the Tools menu. (It's very important to refresh the files to reset sync before you sign back into My MasterCook Manager.)

4. Go to the My Account tab in My MasterCook Manager on the computer and sign back into your account.

5. Go to the Sync tab in My MasterCook Manager. The cookbooks should appear and say to Add To Online. Make sure they say that. Then try syncing just one cookbook for now. See how that goes. If you get an error message and it says to try again, please press the Sync Now button so it can sync the recipes that remain.

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