MasterCook 22 Ingredient List

The USDA no longer updates the legacy ingredient database that has been used for the past few decades. Going forward, they only update the branded foods database that contains brand name ingredients such as LAWRY'S ORIGINAL SEASONED SALT, LAWRY'S SEASONED PEPPER, LAWRY'S SEASONED SALT, GREY POUPON COUNTRY DIJON MUSTARD, GREY POUPON HARVEST COARSE GROUND MUSTARD, etc.
Numerous customers complained that MasterCook was missing many branded food items. So, MasterCook 22 includes all of the ingredients from MasterCook 2020, plus the USDA branded foods database. If you have a recipe that uses any of these branded food items, such as Lawry's seasoned pepper, the ingredient will automatically give proper nutritional analysis, since the ingredient is in MasterCook's ingredient database. 

You can use only the MC 2020 ingredients. See this article within the Help section of the program: Nutrition > The Ingredient List.

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