MasterCook 22 Restore from Backup

The Restore from Backup tab allows you to restore files from a backup location. For example, if you get a new computer or if you have to reinstall MasterCook 22, you will use this option. It replaces the files that install with yours that you revised and saved in the backup. This allows you to recover your preference settings and replace any customizations you made to files like the print templates, ingredients, etc.

Caution: If you use the Restore from Backup option with a backup set of files from a previous version, their files will overwrite what MasterCook 22 installs. This means an older version of MasterCook's files will replace the new ingredients and tips that install with MasterCook 22 and wipe them out. Therefore, expand the items in the Restore from Backup screen and make sure you remove the checkmarks from the MC Tips files and the MC Ingredients. If you have tips or ingredients you wish to merge from an older version's backup files, open your backup folder and locate the MC file in your backup location. Right-click on the MC file and select Merge Ingredients from the commands that pop up. It will merge that ingredient file into the one that MasterCook 22 is currently using.

Follow the steps below to restore your files:

    1. Press the Browse button.
    2. In the Browse For Folder window that appears, select the folder that contains your MasterCook files that were previously backed up.
    3. Press the OK button.
    4. The Restore from Backup screen populates with the contents of your backup folder.
    5. Add/Remove checkmarks to select what items you wish to restore to MasterCook.
    6. Press the Restore button.
      • You will receive a warning letting you know that you will be replacing the data files. For example, when you first install MasterCook, it comes with an empty My Cookbook. When you use this restore tool, if you have a My Cookbook in a previous version of MasterCook with your own recipes, it will replace the empty one that was installed with yours from the previous version that contains your recipes.
      • Select Yes if you wish to continue.
      • Select No if you wish to cancel.
    7. When you select Yes and files will be overwritten, you will see a dialog box that lists each file that will be replaced. It allows you to select to overwrite or keep the file the program is currently using.
    8. Notice that the progress bar displays as the files are copied into MasterCook's folders.
    9. When the restore tool completes, you will see a Restore complete message.
    10. Press the OK button.
    11. You can close the Restore program by pressing the Exit button or by using the X in the upper right corner of its window.


After you are done restoring and you close the Restore program, you can launch the main MasterCook program and confirm the content was added to the program.



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