MasterCook 22 Merge

You can use the MasterCook Data Toolkit program to merge your personal ingredients (or tips) into MasterCook 22.

  1. Startup MasterCook 22.
  2. Select Backup/Restore/Merge from the File menu to launch the MasterCook Data Toolkit program.
  3. Close the main MasterCook 22 program.
  4. Use the Merge tab in the MasterCook Data Toolkit program to merge your ingredients as explained below.

The Merge tab is for ingredients and tips only.

If you have edited or added your own ingredients or tips in a previous version of MasterCook, you use this tool to merge them into the new version of MasterCook. If you have a previous version of MasterCook installed on the computer, it will list them on this screen.

If you do not have a previous version of MasterCook installed on your computer, this box will be blank. You can still merge your ingredients and tips from a previous version of MasterCook even if it is not installed on the computer. Contact MasterCook Support for instructions.

You can click on the + and - boxes along the left of the screen to expand and collapse sections.

Follow the steps below to merge your files:

    1. Add checkmarks to the boxes of items you wish to merge.
    2. Press the Merge button.
    3. If it detects duplicate ingredients, you will see a dialog box to select what to do. Use the Yes to All button if you wish to use the latest ingredient data installed with the program. If you use the No to All button, it will use the older data from your file that you are trying to merge into the new version.
    4. Notice the progress bar displays as the ingredients are being merged.
    5. When the merge tool completes, you will see a Merge complete message.
    6. Press the OK button.
    7. You can close the Merge program by pressing the Exit button or by using the X in the upper right corner of its window.


After you are done merging and you close the Merge program, you can launch the main MasterCook program and go to the Cookbooks screen and select Ingredient List from the Tools menu. You can check your ingredients to confirm they merged.



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