Editing Directions Spacing in a Print Design

How do I edit the spacing within the directions data field in a print design?

Use caution when editing the directions data field. There are several objects within the directions and they interact with each other. If you wish to move the direction data field, you must carefully move the entire group otherwise you can corrupt the settings beyond repair.

Before you make changes to any design, make a copy of the design and make changes to this copy so you can retain the original. After selecting a design in the Publish Palette window in the Edit Print Design screen, use the Save Design As command from the File menu to create a copy of the design. Use the Save Design As command as frequently as possible so you can save increments of changes and not have to start at the very beginning. This will save you MUCH time!

You will know when you have the entire group selected because the black boxes on the left and right sides and the hashtags show what is selected. Below shows the entire group of directions selected.


In the Appetizers Design there are these items within the directions data field:

  • Direction text
  • Blank text box
  • Direction image holder

In this screenshot below notice the blank text box is selected. It is the object between the direction text and the picture.


You can tell it is the item selected because of the black squares on the left and right sides as well as the hashtags surrounding the data field.

While you have this blank text box object selected, go to the Object tab within the Publish Palette window and notice the Inside Margin setting is set for 1. This creates space. If wish to remove that space, change the Inside Margin to 0. If you wish to increase that space, change the Inside Margin to 2 or higher depending on your preference.


While this same blank text box object is selected, go to the Text tab. Notice the font size for this object is set for Arial 8 point size. This also controls the spacing. If you change the font size to 4 it will reduce the spacing. If you increase it to something higher like 12 or 20, you will see the spacing is greatly affected.


Inside Margin set as 1


Inside Margin set as 0



Inside Margin set as 0 and font size set to 4

After changing the font size to 4, click on a different setting, such as the left Justify setting so it will apply the font size change you made.



If you end up with several revisions and print designs that you wish to remove from MasterCook, close MasterCook and follow the two steps below.

  1. Use Windows to browse to the MC Tools folder on your computer. The print design files are the *.mcd (MasterCook Layout) files within the MC Tools folder. Delete the files here.
  2. Then, startup MasterCook and go to the Cookbooks screen. Select Refresh File List from the Tools menu. This will cause MasterCook to update itself to remove the items from the lists within the program.
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