MasterCook Update & User-Added Ingredients

These instructions only apply to customers who have added personal ingredients to MasterCook 2020.

If you have not added your own ingredients into MasterCook, you do not need to follow the instructions below. You can disregard this message.

The MasterCook update includes updates to the majority of ingredients that come with MasterCook.

Therefore, if you have an older version of MasterCook 2020 installed on your computer and you run the MasterCook 20.3.1 Setup file, you will need to merge your personal ingredients into MasterCook. Please follow the instructions below after you have installed MasterCook to update your existing MasterCook 20 program on your computer.

  1. Shut down MasterCook so it is not running on your computer.
  2. Open the MC Tools folder on your computer. If you used the default installation option, it will be at this location: C:\Users\Public\Documents\MasterCook 20\MC Tools
    Open the C drive on your computer.
    Open the Users folder.
    Open the Public folder.
    Open the Public Documents folder.
    Open the MasterCook 20 folder.
    Open the MC Tools folder.
  3. Inside the MC Tools folder on your computer scroll down to locate the file called MC Ingredients
  4. Right-click on the MC Ingredients file and select Merge Ingredients from the menu that pops up.
  5. When the Duplicate Ingredient Detected window appears, press the Yes To All button. This will allow the ingredients that come with MasterCook to retain their updated values, and it will add your personal ingredients to the Ingredient List database in the program. Please be patient. It will take a minute or so to complete the task. Do not stop or interrupt it. The "Please wait while we Merge Ingredients" screen will disappear when it completes the task.
  6. Launch MasterCook and confirm you now see your personal ingredients in the Ingredient List.

If you have any questions or would like MasterCook Support to complete the steps above for you, please send an email to with your MC Ingredients file attached and request we merge your personal ingredients for you.

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