My MasterCook Manager - Stop it from Launching

I do not have a subscription to and I already have my files merged into the newer version and I use another program to backup my files, so I do not use the My MasterCook Manager program. How can I stop it from launching?


MasterCook versions 15 and 2020 include a program called the My MasterCook Manager. Its window appears when you first launch MasterCook 15 or 2020. The x in the upper right corner of the screen minimizes the program to the Windows System Tray (in your lower right corner of the screen with your clock and volume icon, etc.)

However, you can right click on the icon in the Windows System Tray to EXIT the My MasterCook Manager to completely shut it down. See the screenshot below. It's designed to stay running when you close it using the x in the upper right corner, so you can keep it running and use the automatic sync settings.

The setting in the My MasterCook screen in My MasterCook Manager for Show When Starting MasterCook, forces the My MasterCook Manager to remain minimized in the Windows System Tray while you are using the main MasterCook program.


If you wish to prevent the My MasterCook Manager from running at all, you can delete its EXE file from your computer. First restart the computer and do not run MasterCook at all. Then you can delete the MyMasterCook.exe file. The location of that file depends on the version of MasterCook you are using. If you used the default installation option, you will find the MyMasterCook.exe file in the folder listed below.

  • MasterCook 15: C:\Program Files (x86)\MasterCook 15\MyMasterCook.
  • MasterCook 20: C:\Program Files (x86)\MasterCook 20\MyMasterCook



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