Web Import Error After Signing Into Account: required anti-forgery cookie

When trying to use the web importer I am getting this error after signing into my account in the web import window:

Error: The required anti-forgery cookie "__RequestVerificationToken_L2FwcA2" is not present.


UPDATED 10/22/2020: This problem happens in the latest versions of Edge (version 86) and Chrome. This problem does not happen in other web browsers.


We have created a brand new web importer app. It is an add-on for the web browser. Our developers submitted the add-on to Google Tuesday evening, October 20, 2020. Currently Google has it under review. As soon as they approve it, it will be available. We are hoping it will be available tomorrow, Friday, 10/23/2020. If you wish to be notified when it is available, please complete this web form. Edge allows add-ons from Google, so when Google approves our add-on, you will also be able to add it to Edge.


Until then you can use another web browser like Safari or Firefox which are not affected. Or, you can use the MasterCook mobile app web importers which are not impacted.


NEW FEATURES!! The new web importer will also allow you to select text on a web page and assign that text to a recipe data field by using a new right-click menu of commands for MasterCook. It also will allow you to use the manual importer with any web page. Previously it only appeared on certain web pages.





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