Web Import Error with Chrome

August 2, 2020 - We recently discovered this issue is caused by the recent Chrome update that Google just released. They will need to fix it. They will not fix it until they here from people like you who have this problem. This problem does not happen with the other web browsers.

Until Google Chrome gets it fixed, you will need to use another web browser. The Edge web browser is already installed on your computer since it comes with Windows. Please use that web browser until Chrome fixes their problem with cookies. Add the bookmarklet to the Edge web browser here:

Please report the problem to Google so they know it is affecting you as well.

Go to the 3-dot menu in the upper right of the Chrome web browser and then select Settings. In the Settings screen that appears, select About Chrome along the lower left of that screen. In the About Chrome screen that appears click on the Report An Issue link and fill out that form:

Tell them this:

Your recent update broke the third-party cookie settings that allow bookmarklets to work. I am now getting an error message when trying to use a bookmarklet. This problem didn't happen prior to the recent Chrome update. I even adjusted the chrome cookie settings to allow [*.] and even that did not help. This problem does not happen in other web browsers using the same bookmarklet.

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