Reinstalling MasterCook 20


First make a backup copy of your files as explained here (using Backup or Windows):



Then go to the Add or Remove Programs screen on your computer and select MasterCook 20 and Uninstall it.





Make sure there are no remains of the previous install before you install once again. Otherwise, those corrupt files will remain and so will your problems. If you are unable to find any of the 3 folders below, STOP. Contact us and let us know.

Then check to see that the MasterCook 20 folders are removed from the computer. Look for them in these 3 locations:

  • C:\Users\Public\Documents\MasterCook 20
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\MasterCook 20
  • C:\ProgramData\MasterCook 20

Windows hides the ProgramData folder that is inside the C drive, so you will want to make sure that is not hidden from you. See this:

CAUTION: If you do not delete folders that may have been left behind, will continue with a corrupt reinstallation.


Next, restart the computer and install MasterCook 20 once again using your previously purchased installation file. If you purchased a download installation file, your computer automatically saves it to the Downloads folder on your computer where it remains unless you delete it. You should keep a copy of that file as explained in your email purchase receipt. (If you have lost or misplaced your installation file and you have a copy of your receipt, you can get a discount on a download replacement if you contact MasterCook Support.)

  • After the fresh installation, do not add your own files yet.
  • Run the program and make sure it works with its own files first. Can you create a new cookbook and a new recipe without a problem?
  • If you have a subscription to, sign into your account in the sync manager and check those screens and make sure they look appropriate and as expected.
  • Can you restart the computer and use the program again without another program causing problems? See this article: MasterCook is Not Working Properly
  • All antivirus and security programs on your computer can block MasterCook from working if you do not add the MasterCook folders/EXE files to their Exclusion List. Review your antivirus documentation on how to access and add files/folders to its Exclusion List.


You can restore the files into the fresh installation. Close MasterCook before you begin. The process is the same as if you are transferring from a previous version as explained in this article:


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