What's New in MasterCook 2020

The Windows product is stand-alone and does not require a subscription or internet connection. It can work with a subscription that is purchased separately though.


Those who need the most functionality purchase the MasterCook Windows product that has been a popular program for many years. Those who need to use it with their mobile devices purchase a subscription and access their online content with their mobile devices directly from the website and/or with the free mobile apps.

Version 2020 looks identical to version 15. Nothing was changed with the user interface that many customers are familiar with, so there is no learning curve there.

You can see a video of our Windows product here which allows you to see how it looks and works before you buy it:

Most of our resources were consumed by adding a key feature that has been requested by an overwhelming majority of our customers (new and old) -- a new nutrient and ingredient database. We built out new nutrition screens to hold all of the new nutrient data fields we added. Version 15 and older are using the 1997 standard release of the USDA ingredient/nutrient database. MasterCook 2020 has more than 3.5 times the number of nutrients including sugar and phosphorus for those who need to watch those levels of nutrients because they have diabetes or kidney disease. MasterCook 2020 also contains many more ingredients than version 15. It took a great deal of time to rewrite several parts of the program to work with all of those new nutrients.

We received the most feedback from customers requesting we create a new database with expanded nutrients and ingredients, so that is our primary feature. Many people have diabetes. None of the previous versions allow them to track sugar. Several people have kidney disease. None of the previous versions allow you to track phosphorus.

We are happy to provide this key component that hasn't been changed in 23 years!


  • Latest USDA nutrient and ingredient database (all previous Windows versions of MasterCook use the USDA database from the 1990s.)
  • Nearly 100 nutrients are available for your recipes and meal plans (nearly 3.5 times more than any previous version of MasterCook)
  • Over 16,000 ingredients from the latest USDA Nutrient Database are available for your recipes and meal plans
  • New nutrients populate in the Nutrition Summary, Nutrition Facts, and Nutritional Analysis screens
  • Updated printing of the Nutrition Facts Label and Nutritional Analysis print template


  • Store up to 100,000 recipes in your private online account
  • New user interface
  • Recipe sharing from the mobile apps
  • Recipe printing from the mobile apps
  • TouchID and FaceID for the iOS app
  • Performance improvements
  • Multiple bug fixes in mobile apps
  • Web importer improvements
  • New Web Importer
  • New offline feature for the mobile apps (May 2021)


MasterCook has been a favorite and trusted tool for professional chefs, home cooks, culinary instructors and students for nearly 30 years! It not only stores their recipes privately, but it provides many important tools to analyze their recipes and menus.

We have several MasterCook products.

  1. MasterCook for Windows which is just like all previous versions of MasterCook. It does not use a subscription, but it can work with a subscription if you wish.
  2. subscription which works from any computer or device and has the popular one-click recipe importer. Many customers rely on it to keep a backup copy of their recipes and other files in their private online account.
  3. A free mobile app in the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads. It works with a subscription.
  4. A free mobile app in the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets. It works with a subscription.

This article explains the different MasterCook products and how they can work with each other:

There is a comparison chart on this web page that shows the differences in functionality between our products:


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