ATTN: MasterCook 2020 Products Release Date

As you know we have been very busy working on new features for the MasterCook 2020 products.

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can save 20% if you pre-order the MasterCook 2020 products. This sale will end when the MasterCook 2020 Windows product is released.

MasterCook 2020 Pro is a combination of the Windows product and a one-year subscription to to use the online features and the mobile apps.

Or, you can purchase just the Windows product if you already have an existing subscription or want to use the Windows product only.

MasterCook 15 is included for FREE when you pre-order one of the MasterCook 2020 products listed above. See the product pages linked above for more details.

MasterCook 2020 Mobile Apps

Several weeks ago we released the new updates to the MasterCook 2020 mobile apps. Many customers have reported they are pleased with the new features they requested.

  • New app in the Google Play Store - Click here.
  • New app in the Apple App Store - Click here.
  • NEW! Recipe sharing from the mobile apps (View a recipe and use the command in the lower right corner of the screen.)
  • NEW! Recipe printing from the mobile apps (View a recipe and use the command in the upper right corner of the screen.)
  • NEW! TouchID and FaceID for the iOS app
  • Performance improvements
  • Multiple bug fixes in mobile apps

We are busying working on additional features to the mobile apps including a brand new user interface. (See the screenshots at the end of this article.) We are excited to bring this to you by the end of April. We also are doubling the online storage of recipes from 50,000 to 100,000. We are also working on a new offline feature for the mobile apps.

MasterCook 2020 Windows Product

The MasterCook 2020 Windows product is stand alone and does not require a subscription, although it can be used in conjunction with a subscription. It is an optional choice.

The MasterCook 2020 Windows product has been in beta testing. With Covid-19 we've had to move employees and their workstations home, so that has delayed work on the Windows product to get the development environment working from home. However, we are planning to release the Windows product on April 13th. For those of you who pre-ordered it, you received it at a discount that won't be offered to those who purchased it after the release date.

Below are screenshots of the new expanded nutrients that the MasterCook 2020 product uses. MasterCook 15 and earlier versions use about 28 nutrients.

However, MasterCook 2020 has more than 3.5 times the nutrients. 99 nutrients!!



New User Interface for the Mobile Apps

Below are some screenshots of the new UI for the mobile apps that are currently set for release by the end of April.





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