Web Import Error - Anti-forgery Cookie

Just recently when trying to use the web importer with Chrome, I'm getting an error occurred while cooking your request with the error message that states Error: The required anti-forgery cookie "__RequestVerificationToken_L2FwcA2" is not present.


This happens only in the Chrome web browser. It means the cookie setting that uses in Chrome on your computer is being blocked and is not keeping you logged into your account. You can confirm this by using a different web browser. You can easily import the bookmarks from Chrome into Edge. See these instructions.

Chrome is rolling out updates to some of their users, and only those users are affected. Our developers are investigating the issue. In the meantime you should use another web browser like Edge, Safari, or Firefox which are not affected. Otherwise, other users have been able to fix the problem by completely uninstalling Chrome and delete its data and then reinstalling as explained below. This takes them back to a pre-updated version of Chrome that doesn't have the problem.

Try Another Web Browser

Other web browsers like Safari and Firefox also allow you to import your bookmarks/bookmarklets from Chrome. You can import your bookmarks into the Edge web browser as explained here:

Reinstall Chrome

Another option is to reinstall Chrome exactly as explained here and make sure you use the Delete Data setting too:

That has corrected this problem for a few others since it returns them to a pre-updated version of Chrome.

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