My MasterCook Manager Offline - Cannot Log Into Account

If you can't log into your account in My MasterCook Manager because the Status in the lower left corner shows Offline, it's because something on your computer is blocking its access to the internet. Below are things that can cause this problem.

If you are using MasterCook 15, please make sure your program is updated. See this article:

If this was working fine for you previously and suddenly quit working, then a recent change on your computer caused it. This can be anything from an outdated version of Windows on your computer to your antivirus updating itself and now restricts MasterCook unless you add MasterCook's EXE files to its Exclusion List. All antivirus programs have an Exclusion List for this purpose.

Before you do anything, it's important you make sure you have a current backup copy of your files. See these instructions.

When you do sync, it is important you always follow these instructions.

1. Restart your computer and see if that helps.

Windows 10 will make the internet connection go to sleep and does not wake back up until you restart the computer. You can fix that as explained here:

2. Go to the Windows Updates and make sure you have all current updates. This alone cured the issue for several customers:

  • One reported: "When the PC was on Win v. 1903 it would not connect; upgrading to v. 1909 crossed the threshold and made it work."
  • Another customer reported: "I had Windows Update set to delay quality updates by 30 days, so once I changed that, I was able to install the latest updates and that worked!"
  • Another customer reinstalled Windows and that alone cured this same problem.

3. Your antivirus/internet security program can be blocking My MasterCook Manager from connecting to the internet. See this article. In fact Malwarebytes has caused this problem for customers. All antivirus and internet security program have an Exclusion List so you can add programs to it when they block them.

One customer reports: "In order to fix the problem I had to open network and Internet, then firewall, then allow an app through firewall, click change settings, click allow another app, then navigate to where the MasterCook exe file was installed. Then I restarted the computer. Now I am able to connect."

4. Reinstalling MasterCook has solved this issue for others.

5. If you are using a laptop computer the Windows Metered Connection can block My MasterCook Manager from connecting to the internet. You can disable it. See these instructions.

6. Another user found the clock on their computer wasn't synced, and that caused their problem. As soon as they synced their clock, their computer allowed My MasterCook Manager to access the internet.

7. Another user found the drivers for their wifi adapter needed to be updated. Even though many other programs on their computer were able to access the internet, as soon as they updated the drivers for their wifi adapter, it solved their problem immediately.

8. If you have tried all of the things listed above, you need to contact a computer technician and have them figure out which setting or program on your computer is blocking the internet access for MasterCook. When you learn the cause, report it to MasterCook and we will update this article for others.


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