MasterCook and My MasterCook Manager are not working properly

I cannot get the program to work properly. It won't allow me to do normal things.

This means another program on your computer is blocking MasterCook from fully working. Recently a Windows Update caused this issue with its Ransomware Protection program. Other antivirus programs can cause this problem too. See about McAfee near the end of this article below.

Is MasterCook listed in the Blocked history section?

Please see the instructions below and send us a screenshot of your Blocked history screen or go to the SOLUTIONS section below and follow those instructions to add My MasterCook Manager and MasterCook 15 to the allow list.

Go to Windows Start menu and search for Ransomware on your computer.

Next, select Block history and send us a screenshot of what it shows.




Otherwise, click on where it says Allow an app through Controlled folder access. Add My MasterCook Manager and MasterCook 15.

The main MasterCook 15 program is the Mastercook15.exe file within this folder on your computer:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MasterCook 15\Program

The My MasterCook Manager program is the MyMasterCook.exe file within this folder on your computer:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MasterCook 15\MyMasterCook


If you are using McAfee, see this:

As you can see in the article above, McAfee will prevent programs from fully working on your computer unless you add them to the exclusion list for real time scanning. It can cause this problem for MasterCook on your computer.

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