Unable to Open Windows Program or Cookbooks

I recently had a problem where I cannot open the MasterCook Windows program or cookbooks. What can I do?

First, please follow these instructions but not the reinstallation option yet:

Unable to Open MasterCook 15

If that doesn't work, make sure your antivirus program isn't blocking MasterCook.

Recently other users found that the Ransomware Protection program in Windows was blocking MasterCook and causing the issue. They disabled the Ransomware Protection program and then MasterCook was functioning fine. Try the same and see if that helps.

Antivirus programs generally have an Exclusion List. If you find that your antivirus program is causing the problem, add MasterCook to your antivirus program's Exclusion List. See the documentation that comes with your antivirus program or contact their Support Department.

You can add program's like MasterCook to the Windows Ransomware Protection program as explained near the end of this article:

Enable Windows Defender Ransomware Protection

If you continue having an issue, it could be you have a corrupt installation. Please reinstall as explained here:

Reinstalling MasterCook 15

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