Empty Shopping Cart

When trying to place an order, my shopping cart shows empty even though I added an item to it.

This can happen for two reasons.

1. If your account has an expired subscription so your account was suspended, you won't be able to fully log in. Contact MasterCook Support for help.

2. If you do not use the "Remember Me" setting in the login web page, it can prevent you from staying logged into your account. To fix this issue, restart your web browser. Go to this web page: MasterCook Login and type in your email address and your password. Add a checkmark to the "Remember Me" setting so it will keep you logged in while you add something to your shopping cart and check out.

The red navigation bar at the top of the website is an indicator if you are logged into an account at or not. If you are logged in, it will show My MasterCook in the upper left of the website.



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