Enable Cookies in the Safari Web Browser

The web importer sets a third party cookie in your web browser in order to import recipes into your account. Please review the cookie settings in your web browser if you receive an "anti-forgery cookie" error message when trying to use the web importer or the error that says "Cookies are required" then that means you have a checkmark which prevents cross-site tracking. You must remove that checkmark. See Step 2 below.


Mac Computer

In the Safari app on your Mac, choose Safari > Preferences, click Privacy.

1. Remove the checkmark from Block all cookies.

2. Remove the checkmark from Prevent cross-site tracking.

3. Save those settings and then restart your web browser.

4. Go here:

5. Sign into your account and use the REMEMBER ME setting which will set a new cookie for the web importer.

6. Then attempt to import this recipe:


How to enable cookies on your iPad/iPhone

Additional Tips

If you find the settings are not checked, but it still is not working, add checkmarks to both settings and save. Then remove the two settings and save to reset those settings.

After you reset those settings, restart your web browser and go to this web page:

Sign into your account and use the Remember Me setting which will set a brand new third-party cookie for, so it can keep your signed into your account so you can use the recipe web importer.

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