Linking Unknown Ingredients

Converting from DVO Cook'n to MasterCook

Before you begin using the wonderful CB2CB (CookBook2CookBook) converter, (download available through take some time to do some ingedients maintainance.

For example, if  your Cook'n ingredient is all purpose flour, that ingredient will be the ingredient in your recipes; however, it will not match the predefined MasterCook ingredient all-purpose flour. If you have 300 Cook'n recipes, you will have 300 MasterCook recipes that will show the ingredient information as not linked.

The time to match your Cook'n ingredients to MasterCook ingredients will save you much frustration, headaches and time in the long term.

You can find a text list of the MasterCook ingredients at

As I check my ingredients name, I add the cost and unit. Then if I have the ingredient on hand, I included it in my MasterCook Pantry.  It's like killing three birds with one stone.

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