Red Ingredient Circles in MasterCook 15

When syncing my recipes between my account and MasterCook 15 on the computer, why are some of the ingredients marked with a red circle?

This relates to the new ingredient database at as explained in this article: 

When you sync those online recipes to MasterCook on the computer, it retains the ingredient link to those in the MasterCook 15 database, so it knows which ones are connected to a MasterCook 15 ingredient versus one that is connected to a USDA ingredient instead at uses three types of ingredients: (1) those from MasterCook 15, (2) those from the USDA, and (3) user-inputted ingredients. The red circle indicates that ingredient is linked to one in the MC 15 Ingredient List. This also makes it quite easy to see which ingredients are known by MC 15 or not. Those with the red circle are known ingredients in MC 15.

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