MasterCook 22 Updates

MasterCook is the latest version of MasterCook 22.

To check which version number you are using, go to the Help menu in MasterCook on the computer. Select About MasterCook. The complete version number is listed there.

If you are a registered MasterCook 22 user and you have proof of purchase for MasterCook 22 for Windows, you are eligible for free updates to the MasterCook 22 Windows product.

If you purchased MasterCook 22 at and if you have a current subscription to, you have a download link to the latest version of MasterCook 22 in your Downloadable Products page in your online account. Scroll down to find when you previously purchased MasterCook 22. Use its Download link. It will update MasterCook 22 on your computer. See the example in the screenshot below. Each time a new update is released for MasterCook 22, your download link is updated. It always downloads the latest version.


If you don't have a current subscription to and you purchased MasterCook 22 without a subscription at, an email will be sent to you with further instructions. Contact MasterCook Support if you don't receive that email.

WHEN A NEW UPDATE IS AVAILABLE, we automatically send an email to you with instructions on getting the new update, if you have purchased the MasterCook 22 Windows product at If you didn't receive that email, please contact us. We can confirm when the email was sent to you and if it was delivered. We can send you a new one if necessary. The most common cause of not getting that email, is your email provider thought we were sending you spam.


Download Issues? If you are blocked from downloading the file, see this article.



REQUIRED: It is always important to backup your files on the computer before you make changes to any program. This includes MasterCook. Before you install the update for MasterCook 22, you must backup your files. Please follow these instructions. If you need help or have questions, contact MasterCook Support.


This installation file is designed to update an existing installation of MasterCook 22 as well as a stand-alone new installation. Therefore, you can delete the previous download installation file and keep the new one going forward.

  • UPDATING CURRENT MASTERCOOK 22 INSTALLATION: If it detects a current installation of MasterCook 22 on the computer, it will update the program files only and not touch the user files (preference settings, My Cookbook, etc.) Please do NOT change the path during the installation. The installer knows where the program is currently installed and will update there. (If you change the path, it will create new user folders & files at the new location and will no longer use the old location.)
  • NEW MASTERCOOK 22 INSTALLATION: If MasterCook 22 is not currently installed on the computer, it will fully install the program onto the computer.


  1. Make sure you have current backup copies of your MasterCook files on the computer before you install.
  2. Download the installation file first and do not open it yet. Allow it to fully download to your computer and save a copy of that file to a location where you keep all important files that you backup regularly. This will prevent you from having to pay for a replacement in the future.
  3. Restart the computer so nothing is running and can interfere and corrupt the installation and proceed with installing.
  4. If your antivirus uses community feedback to determine if files are safe to install, the MasterCook update will be too new for others to know and report the MasterCook installation file as being legitimate. Therefore, your antivirus may block you from downloading or installing the file. Review the documentation that comes with your antivirus for instructions with the error message it is reporting.

MasterCook Release Notes (6/2/2022)

Issues Addressed:

  • Copy/paste issues with recipe importer screens
  • Syncing issues with recipes that are imported with the recipe clipper

New feature:

  • New nutrients added to the Nutrition section of the Expanded Search screen.

MasterCook Release Notes (7/27/2022)

This update includes updates from version

Issues Addressed:

  • Updated copyright date in the About MasterCook screen
  • Removed date text that overlayed the ingredient analysis screen
  • Replaced corrupt saved searches
  • Corrected speech icon that often is distorted in the Recipe Display screen
  • Corrected issue with spellcheck with a custom installation

MasterCook Release Notes (12/30/2022)

This update includes updates from versions and

Issues Addressed:

  • After uninstalling an older version of MasterCook, the recipe photos will now display properly.
  • Characters such as bullet points are no longer converted to asterisks upon pasting into the program.
  • After uninstalling an older version of MasterCook, spellcheck will work as expected.


Download File Won't Save

Error: A script required for this install to complete could not be run.


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