MasterCook 24 Shuts Down when Editing

The program will not let me do normal things like editing recipes and shuts down instead.

The first thing you should try is updating Windows and restarting your computer and trying again. That has solved this problem for other users, especially those using Windows 10. See: Windows 10 update history - Microsoft Support

Otherwise, this frequently happens when an antivirus program blocks MasterCook from working.

You need to add MasterCook's two folders to the Exclusion List for your antivirus program. If you have more than one, you need to do this to each of them. Below are a few antivirus program's instructions.

  1. C:\Program Files (x86)\MasterCook 24
  2. C:\Users\Public\Documents\MasterCook 24

Avast Exclusion List Instructions
Malwarebytes Instructions
McAfee Exclusion List Instructions
Microsoft Defender Instructions
Norton Exclusion List Instructions
If you use the DisplayFusion software, it can also cause this problem. An exception can be made in their “compatibility settings” to disable hooks for applications, such as MasterCook.

If you continue to have problems after following the steps above, try reinstalling the program as explained here:

MasterCook 24 Reinstallation – MasterCook Community

If you continue to have problems after a fresh installation, you need to contact a computer technician who can log into your computer and troubleshoot and find the cause and then fix the problem. Have them follow the same instructions above. It is against California law for us to assist with computer issues because we are not licensed or insured to work on computers.

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