MasterCook 24 Backup

Select the Backup button at the top of the program. This launches the MasterCook Data Toolkit program.

Once you have the MasterCook Data Toolkit program running, you must close the main MasterCook 24 program. The backup tool cannot be used while the main MasterCook 24 program is running.

The Backup tab allows you to backup your files for MasterCook 24. It lists all of the user files for the program.

You can click on the + and - boxes along the left of the screen to expand and collapse sections.

Follow the steps below to backup your files:

    1. Add checkmarks to the boxes of items you wish to backup.
    2. Press the Browse button.
    3. In the Browse For Folder window that appears, select a location to place the files to be backed up. Use the Make New Folder button if necessary.
      * Note the Browse for Folder window is populated by Windows. It matches what you see when selecting This PC in Windows Explorer.
    4. After selecting the backup location, press the Backup button.
The progress bar displays as the files are being copied to the backup location. When the backup tool completes, you will see a Backup complete message.

Your backed up files can be used in the future if you need to recover lost or corrupt files.


WARNING: Never open backup copies of your files, or you will confuse the program since it is using its own local files. It will also cause syncing problems for your account.


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