Importing Recipes from HTTPS Websites

The security of HTTPS websites block the web importer from working. You will notice there is https in their web address. Our developers are working on addressing this issue. In the meantime, use one of the additional methods of importing mentioned at the end of this article.

Or, try this with the Google Chrome web browser: view a recipe at or Cook's Illustrated, etc., such as this one:

Press the Add To MasterCook bookmarklet. At this point a shield icon appears:

Press that shield icon and then click on Load Unsafe Scripts:

This causes the web page to reload with the HTTPS disabled (notice the line through HTTPS) for the web page so that the web import window can load. Press the Add to MasterCook bookmarklet again. Now the web import window appears.

Copy/paste text from the web page and into the web import window. You can copy the URL for the recipe photo too. Then Save the recipe to your account when are done editing.


Or, you can use these additional methods of importing:

Copy/Paste from Websites

Import Assistant

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