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From the Home screen you can click on My Cookbooks. You can add and view cookbooks from the My Cookbooks screen.

There are three icons in the upper right corner.

  1. The first one lets you filter and search.
  2. The second one lets you create a new cookbook.
  3. The third and far-right icon lets you toggle between the cookbook title and picture view.

If you view the Titles View you can click on the sort arrows in the columns above the cookbook titles to sort by alphabet or by date edited or by type (group vs. regular).


There are two types of cookbooks.

  1. Regular cookbooks -- These are private cookbooks that only you can view and access in your own account. No one else has access to your personal cookbooks or the recipes inside of them.
  2. Group cookbooks -- These are private cookbooks that you can invite others to view your group cookbook. Only those you invite by email are able to view this cookbook. When you invite someone to your group cookbook, they will receive an email with a special link to the group cookbook. They have to click on that link so that the group cookbook will be available to them in their account.


Group Cookbooks

When you select to add a cookbook, there is a small box you can check to create a special Group Cookbook.

After you add a checkmark to the box for Group Cookbook, you will see a box that you can check for Allow Others To Add Recipes. Use this setting if you want to allow others to add their own recipes to your group cookbook. If you want to create a group cookbook but don't want others to be able to add recipes or edit recipes, then do NOT add a checkmark in the box for Allow Others To Add Recipes.

Basically, you can create two types of group cookbooks:

  1. Read-only--where you invite others to view recipes in your cookbook.
  2. Others Can Contribute--where others can view recipes you've added as well as add their own. The person who contributes the recipe is the only one who can edit that recipe. Others in the group cannot edit each other's recipes. However, the group cookbook owner can edit anything in their group cookbook, even recipes added by others that have been invited to the group cookbook.

When you invite someone to a group cookbook they will receive a link to your group cookbook in email. They need to use that link. If they don't have an account at, they will need to create one first.

Once you create a cookbook (regular vs. group) you cannot change it to another type. You can adjust the setting at any time to make it read-only or not for your group members.

Accessing Recipes

You can view your recipes by going to the My Cookbook screen and opening a cookbook or go to the My Recipes screen.

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