Offline Use with Mobile Apps

How can I access recipes on my tablet or phone when I don't have an internet connection?

The mobile apps access your data to keep everything in sync no matter which computer or device you are using.

You can mark your cookbooks for offline use, so you can access your recipes and cookbooks when you do not have an internet connection.

ATTENTION: At this time the offline feature is temporary disabled because it is causing issues for the rest of the app. Our developers have this on their list of items to fix. When they get it fixed, an update will be available in the app stores.

Go to the Cookbooks screen in the MasterCook mobile app. Tap and hold one of the listed cookbook titles and select Edit Cookbook from the menu in the upper right. When the Edit Cookbook screen appears add a checkmark to the box for Make Available Offline for This Device. Then press the Update/Submit button.

At this point it will tell you that you need to sync. Click on Sync in the menu along the left. It will then download those recipes to the mobile device, so when you don't have an internet connection you can view and edit them.

You can make edits while offline too. Then the next time you have an internet connection you can sync those changes back, so they are available on your other devices and computers.

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