MasterCook Merge in version 15 and 2020

When you start up MasterCook 15 or MasterCook 2020, there is a companion program that also launches called My MasterCook Manager. It has a Merge screen inside of it.

The Merge screen in the My MasterCook Manager program allows you to merge your files from version 5 and greater. If you have version 4 or lower, see these instructions.

The Merge screen is designed to merge your cookbooks, menus, meal plans, and the files within the MC Tools folder, such as the shopping lists, print templates, ingredient list, etc.

The Merge screen is not designed to merge files outside of the collection folders or the MC Tools folder, such as the user dictionary file, spellcheck settings or the settings within the Mastercook.ini file.

The Merge screen looks at file dates, so if files have the same name, it will keep the one that has the newest timestamp, indicating it is the most current file.


Merging into MasterCook 15: MasterCook 15 does not contain any new ingredients from earlier versions. If you added ingredients in a previous version, you can use Merge as explained below to copy your ingredient file into MasterCook 15.

Merging into MasterCook 2020: However, MasterCook 2020 has a brand new ingredient database, so you should not use the Merge screen in My MasterCook Manager otherwise it will replace it. Instead, you should use a different merge utility as explained in this article: I have a previous version of MasterCook. How do I transfer my files into MasterCook 2020? – MasterCook Community


When you launch MasterCook, the My MasterCook Manager program will also appear. Click on the Merge tab along the left of its screen to use it.

At the top of this screen is the Find MasterCook Files In drop-down menu. You can select a folder on your computer, or a previous backup location. The Merge utility looks in that selected location for your MasterCook files--ALL of them (collection folders and MC Tools folder).

Pick the folder that contains your backed-up MasterCook files. If you have it search your entire computer instead, it's going to take a very long time and may time out and not complete!

It then displays the differences it finds between what you currently have in MasterCook and the location you have selected. Along the left, you see the items it found. There is a drop-down menu you can select for different options to add that content to MasterCook:

  1. Create New Collection and Copy Files will create a new collection folder in MasterCook and copy that content there.
  2. Copy To: My Collection will copy the selected content to the existing My Collection folder for MasterCook.
  3. The Register Existing Collection, Do Not Copy Files will make MasterCook register the existing location and look there for the MasterCook content.

Along the right, you can select the items you want to bring into MasterCook. Add checkmarks to those items. Then press the Merge Now button to complete the task.

Follow these steps below. During Step 2 you can select a folder on your computer. It will show you what it finds in that folder including items inside any subfolders.



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