Can't Access My Web Recipes

I can open My Web Recipes but when I try to click and view one, I get an error message. Also, I cannot sync these recipes to MasterCook 15.

Go to Trending Recipes here:

Click on any recipe there. Notice two things:

1. This is not a complete recipe. It's missing the directions/instructions for the recipe. We do not have permission to share complete recipes on our website that belong to someone else. This is why you see the link underneath the ingredient list to view the full recipe at its website. Therefore you must go to its website to view the complete recipe, so you can use the web importer with that recipe:

2. While viewing the incomplete trending recipe, there is a Save It link at the top of the screen. This saves a link to this trending recipe (incomplete recipe) to your My Web Recipes cookbook at Right now there is a problem trying to view a trending recipe that you have saved to the My Web Recipes. Although you see the trending recipe title and picture, when you click on it you get an error message instead of it taking you to that trending recipe. We will work on fixing that. In the meantime you can use the workaround I previously mentioned to access that saved trending recipe.

Since these are incomplete recipes and only links to a trending recipe, you cannot sync them to MasterCook on the computer. They are incomplete recipes. You must view the complete recipe on its website and then use the web importer as explained in the web page linked above.

Another way you can view your saved trending recipes (those within the My Web Recipes online cookbook) is to go to your My Web Recipes web page where you see the list of recipe titles and pictures. Copy one of the recipe's titles. Then go to the Trending Recipes web page:

In the Filter Text box (just to the left of the GO button) paste in the recipe's title that you copied. Press the GO button. This should locate that trending recipe for you.

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