Can't log in When Using "Add To MasterCook"

When I try to use the web importer, I am asked to log in. When I do I get the message "An error occurred while cooking your request." I know my email and password are correct. I even changed my password to see if everything would reset, but I still get this error.

This means your cookie settings in your web browser are blocking the web importer from working correctly. It requires third-party cookie settings in order for it to keep you logged into your MasterCook account which allows you to import recipes. See these related articles:

Additionally, if you are using a phone or tablet's web browser and browsing in Privacy mode, this will block cookies from being used on those devices. Therefore, make sure you are not using their browsers in Privacy mode.

Furthermore, not all web pages even within the same website are properly coded with HTML which the web importer uses. So, make sure you try it on a recipe that is known to work. I had no problems importing this recipe (10/30/2014):

Check your web browser's cookie settings and make sure they are enabled. Then try importing the above recipe.

Let us know if you continue to have problems by submitting a ticket to MasterCook Support. We will need further details about the web browser and a link to an online recipe you are using as well.

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