Upgrade Your MasterCook

The web import window gives me a message stating Upgrade Your MasterCook. It was working fine previously. What happened?

It means you are using a free account and not a paid subscription. The free account only allows you to store up to 25 recipes.  If you have 25 recipes or more, you either need to purchase another Subscription to or delete your recipes and cookbooks from your online Cookbooks screen here: My Cookbooks. Then that message will go away, and the web import window will work again.

When you use the web import, those recipes are automatically saved to your account at This is what allows it to work across multiple devices, so you can access your recipes from any device at any time as requested by many customers.

If you uploaded your personal cookbooks to, you wouldn't have to worry about losing your recipes if something happened to your computer (broke, lost, stolen, etc.) That's a huge benefit of keeping an online subscription. Then you could easily transfer your recipes back into the program at a later date.

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