Open Recipe Download Files Automatically in Internet Explorer

Previously, I was able to download a web import recipe straight into MasterCook 14. Now it will only save to my Downloads folder on the computer. Is there a way to have it automatically import into MasterCook 14?

That is because of a change with your web browser. Your web browser determines when it saves a file or opens a file. Which web browser are you using? See its settings about telling it to open .mz2 files instead of just downloading them.

For Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8 open Internet Explorer. Press the Ctrl+J keys on your keyboard. This should bring up the Internet Explorer View Downloads window. Right click (not the normal left click) on one of the .mz2 files that is listed in this window. Remove the checkmark from the box that says Always Ask Before Opening This File Type. Now it will just open it instead of asking what to do with those MasterCook export files.

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